Get your child their very own letter from Santa Claus this Christmas!

Seeing the look of sheer joy and excitement on your child's face when they receive their very own letter from Santa Claus is one of the most wonderful experiences you can ever have! At Santa's Little Elves we create authentic letters from Santa that bring the magic and wonder of Christmas to life! All of our delightful letters from Santa are personalised (for that extra special, tailor-made feel) and come complete with Santa's very own North Pole Postmark!

Only 277 sleeps to go until Christmas!

Orders have now closed for 2017, please visit us again in 2018!

Become a Little Elf!

Our authentic letters from Santa Claus are not only designed to be a fun and exciting Christmas gift for children to receive ... they are also designed to help children learn about, and experience, the joy of giving and helping others ... in a fun way that no child can resist!  

In his Christmas letter, Santa explains how busy he is preparing for Christmas and invites each child to help him out by becoming one of Santa's Little Elves.  As one of Santa's Little Elves, children 'help out' by participating in an activity that helps others.  For example, they could donate an old toy of theirs to charity, or they could donate a book or toy to a local Christmas Wishing Tree.  

Children are absolutely thrilled by this idea and simply can't wait to help Santa spread the true Spirit of Christmas!

'Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  The kids absolutely loved their letters!  So much effort and thought and their little faces were priceless thanks to you …... Renee’

'We opened our letters from Santa today.  Thank you - they are amazing and so magical.  Our children could hardly contain their excitement when we read them.  Thank you for adding some extra magic to Christmas ....... Sarah'


Santa's special treats

With every Personalised Christmas Letter posted, Santa also provides each of his Little Elves with some special Christmas gifts!  Included in each personalised letter from Santa is a Santa's Little Elves sticker for your children to wear with pride and delight as they help others, showing the world that they have been personally chosen to help by Santa Claus himself!  Also included in each personalised letter from Santa is a colourful Christmas decoration for your children to hang on their Christmas tree after completing their 'helping' activity. This special gift from Santa is a reward for helpful and unselfish behaviour and reminds each child that Santa is very proud of them for helping!  Each letter also comes with a 'Christmas Tree of Kindness' colouring-in page for your children to colour-in and leave out for Santa Claus to see on Christmas Eve!   


Reward your children for all their good behaviour throughout the year with their very own personalised Nice List Certificate!  Santa's Certificates are fully personalised and officially place your child on Santa's Nice List for 2017.  And in the true Spirit of Christmas (Santa's Little Elves style!), in each of his certificates Santa also includes a separate section where you can add your own customised sentence to highlight a specific behaviour, achievement, good deed or helping activity that you are particularly proud of and would like to recognise.  To find out more and to order visit our 'Order a Certificate' page!

Features of Santa's 2017 Personalised Letters:

  • Full A4 sized letter written on beautiful Christmas paper
  • Highly personalised for each child
  • Ability to create unique letters for each sibling
  • Includes special sticker, decoration & colouring-in sheet
  • Lots of fun Christmas themed content included in each letter
  • Letter is packed in a red Christmas themed envelope
  • Santa's Official North Pole Postmark is included on each envelope
  • A different Christmas letter is written every year
  • Delivered directly to parent/sender in a discreet envelope
  • $0.50 from each letter ordered is donated to Cystic Fibrosis QLD, so you can help others while delighting your child at the same time!
  • A treasured keepsake to help remember those special events from throughout the year
  • Quick and easy online ordering
  • Only $12.95 AUD per letter!
  • Price includes priority postage within Australia
  • For NZ orders please add an extra $2 AUD per ORDER for shipping
  • Posted Friday Dec 1st 2017 for NZ orders
  • Posted Thursday Dec 7th 2017 for AU orders
  • Suitable for ages 3+ (see FAQ for more information)